Our programs save lives and souls.

On almost a daily basis, troubled, needy and overwhelmed members of our community are referred to UCS. Our ministry is focused on offering a hand up, not a handout. Our programs instilll responsibility, accountability and the hope that one can improve his own life.


After-School Mentoring

More than homework assistance, our team serves as role models for children who would otherwise be left at home, unsupervised. With field trips and after-school snacks, computer training and standardized test preparation, our community’s most deserving kids receive invaluable confidence-building support and encouragement from teens and adults who truly care.


4:13 Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  — Philippians 4:13

4:13 is a one-of-a-kind, voluntary, residential, 365-day program that incorporates spiritual and addictive counseling, life skills classes and work to help a multi-cultural population whose common denominator is drug and alcohol abuse. Seventy percent of participants who stay the year leave with money in the bank, employment, restored lives, dignity, self-confidence and renewed family relationships.


Camp Upward

Now summertime can be a fun, carefree time for all children, even those of the working poor. For more than 15 years, Camp Upward has given any deserving child, age 5-14, a sanctuary from an unsupervised summer on the streets and a haven from gang and drug activity. For eight weeks, these kids engage in summer recreational and intellectual activities designed to nurture them both physically and spiritually.


Community Helps

Community Helps offers the kind of aid we all need at some point in our lives: cash for an empty gas tank, school supplies for a struggling single mom, food for a homeless man, clothes for a grandmother trying to raise her ‘second generation’ family or simply a warm hug on a chilly day. Our kind, sympathetic team is always ready, whether with financial aid, counseling and legal referrals, or Food Bank letters and transportation.


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