Our biggest outreach program is our summer camp.  Summertime should be a fun, carefree time for all children, even those children of the working poor.  For more than 15 years, Camp Upward has given any deserving child, age 5-14, a sanctuary from an unsupervised summer on the streets and a safe haven from gang and drug activity, and keeping them off the streets. 5 days a week of learning, laughing, praying and playing this is what summers are about.    Our eight week program, engages children in summer recreational and intellectual activities designed to nurture them both physically and spiritually.

Some of the activities include:

  • Two Field Trips to provide new experiences
  • Arts & Crafts to foster creative thinking
  • Leadership Skills to teach initiative and group dynamics
  • Character Building to support good morals and ethical behavior
  • Performances & Speeches to inspire through testimonials
  • Sports & Activities to promote exercise and positive teamwork
  • Two Hot Meals per Day to ensure the body is well-nourished
  • Non-Denominational Bible Studies to encourage spiritual growth
  • Peer Pressure Resistance Training to teach independent thinking & decision making
  • Conflict Resolution to demonstrate non-violent results to problems and social situations
  • Job Training to prepare our teen counselors for the future

Volunteers and donations of “time, talent and treasure” are always welcome.  Sponsorships for children are needed.  Corporate underwriting also offers an excellent opportunities for team building and mentoring. Call 985.893.5880 or email Christy for more information.

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We’re excited you want to take part in Camp Upward, use the form below to send us your information and we’ll be in touch soon! Camp Upward is open to all children ages 5-14 in St. Tammany & Washington Parishes.

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