So much of the impact and influence we are able to have in this community is because of those who make a deliberate and intentional choice to SERVE. To serve the needs and conditions of others, to give your time and talents to benefit others, to change the life of another because of a sacrifice you chose to commit too.

We have number of opportunities to serve….

  • Assist as a tutor or reading assistant for the after-school program
  • Assist as a mentor for the mentoring program
  • Assist with construction, renovation, and repair projects
  • Assist with cooking meals for the 4:13 program
  • Assist by donating snacks for the After-School Mentoring Program
  • Assist by teaching a program at Camp Upward
  • Assist by donating snacks for Camp Upward
  • Assist with your financial contributions

If you are interested in serving and investing in our community, simply contact us through this website, give us a call 985.893.5880 or send an email to Christy, and we will be in touch.

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