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Message from Pastor Alfred Young, Jr.
Dear friends,
Everything’s changed! Yes, everything’s changed.
Our lives, routines and cycles have been altered in every way by the pandemic. Praise God, we figured out how to implement Summer Camp this year with all these alterations. Yes, camp is open, and kids are being blessed, but it looks totally different from any other year over the past 30 plus years in camp. This year is being structured as our rebuilding for the launch next year of how camp has been in the past.
Due to societal norms, culture wars, teen attitudes, and parental expectations we have a different kind of camp this year. We are limiting the number of campers and instead of hiring teens full time with summer jobs, we are training 12 teens to be camp counselors for next year. They will be getting the same life principles, exposure that they need and will have a better life foundation at the end of this year’s camp.
Instead of eight weeks, camp will be six weeks with four weeks of training and two weeks of recreational activities and retreats. Due to several factors, we can no longer provide just a teen counselor match to ten kids, we must also provide an adult teacher to help manage the group. We were unable to hire the adult teachers that we needed because of the cost and finding the right individuals to serve these kids. The teachers needed the experience to keep order and teach without going bananas:)
We will continue to provide breakfast and lunch for any kids in the community to come and get hot meals. Unlike many previous years when we were the only organization offering a Summer Camp, there are now other churches, organizations, and programs that some of the kids can go to. Praise God!
Our budget is smaller because camp is smaller and shorter. I’ve included a breakdown below of what this camp will cost and want to encourage everyone to sponsor a kid, an event, or a need. Thank You! Praise God for His wisdom as to how to move forward in tough times. God Bless You! Pray for our planning for next year and for the impact and safety of our kids this year.
The 2022 financial camp goal is $31,275.00
Adult Camp Leaders and Administrators (3) $4500.00
Van Repairs $2100.00 (1986 van)
2nd Van Rental $2000.00
Van insurances $1600.00
Gasoline $1400.00 (2 vehicles)
Electricity $2100.00 (kitchen, classroom and gym)
Utility Gas $900-00 (kitchen-cooking)
Retreat (Lion King Center) $4725.00
(12) Teen Stipends $5400.00 ($75.00 each weekly for 6 weeks)
Equipment $1300.00
Janitor $2250.00 (set-up, clean-up and daily maintenance for the feeding program)
Security $3000.00 (this is necessary to help ensure the safety of the kids and people in the camp. Sadly, this is the world in which we now live.)
A teen can be sponsored for the $75.00 weekly stipend. Any of the other costs or a portion of it can be sponsored as well.
Thank you for doing what you have been doing over 30 years. You are helping with solutions instead of just complaining about the problems. It is a blessing and so refreshing to partner with people to help change lives. Together we are a voice and not just another echo.
Because God is at work no matter what,
Pastor Alfred


Make Checks payable to:
Upward Community Services
P.O. Box 4149
Covington, LA 70434

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